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A Tucson Barber Shop 

If you're looking for a great tradtional barbershop, A Tucson barbershop has been serving Tucson since 1956 and is one of the longest running barbershops in Tucson. We are centally located near Swan and Speedway for your convenience. Comes see us today !

Gentelmen's Haircuts

Regular traditional men's haircuts has been a staple here at A Tucson Barbershop. We set the standard !

Amazing Services

Phenomenal.quality services at amazing prices makes A Tucson Barbershop the best option for gentlemen to get their haircut in metro Tucson, Arizona

Men's Tradtional Cuts

Are you in need of a regular traditional haircut, fade, flatop, or bear trim ? A Tucson Barbershop has you covered with several experienced barbers who are happy to help you get the style you want.

Open 7 Days a Week

A Tucson Barbershop is open 7 days a week.  You can make an appointment online or call the shop directly at (520)977-9685.  We can do take walk ins if barbers have time slots available.

Old School, , Straight Razor Neck Shave

Haircut Gallery

We always give you the option to have an old fashioned stright razor neck shave.  Is a great finish to your fantastic haircut. If you'd like you can also request a touch of aftershave.

A Tucson Barbershop only uses select hair and grooming products including Johnny B,  Pinaud Clubman, Reuzel and more. (Pomade, Shaving Cream, After Shave)

Premium Quality Products used by the barber
Pinaud Clubman After Shave to smell great
Reuzel Pomade finest product of ts kind
Johnny B the best hair gel on the market


9am -1pm

 A Tucson Barbershop is Open 7 Days a Week !

8am - 5pm


8am - 5pm


8am - 5pm


8am - 5pm


8am - 5pm


8am - 4pm


A Tucson Barbershop

Gent's Haircuts

For over the past 56 years, A Tucson Barbershop has been doing quality traditional men's haircuts and styles throughout central Tucson. Our great services and amazing prices make us the best choice for gentleman to get their haircut in Tucson, Arizona. A Tucson Barbershop has always maintained a great reputation with its clients over the years.

Traditional Cuts, Flat Tops, Fades

Whether is an old school haircut, flat top, or fade, A Tucson Barbershop has you covered. These type of cuts are the staple of the industry, while other shops are focused on hair tattoo's and other  outlandish styles, A Tucson Barbershop focuses on what never changes, and that's good old American styles.

Top Notch Haircuts

A Tucson Barber shop, is located in central Tucson, and gives top notch haircuts at amazing Tucson prices. So when its time for your next haircut, be  sure to make an appoinment online via our website, facebook, google listing or call us on our business line.

Classic Beard Styles

What kind of beard style do you like ?  A Tucson Barbers can suggest the best beard style that fits your face. You can rock whatever beard you want, however, does it look good on you or is it a complete disaster ?

 Quality Barber Services



A regular medium haircut is one of the most requested services at "A Tucson Barbershop". Take your time and tell your barber what you would like.

Hair cut (Reg) - $16

A “Regular” medium haircut is the gold standard of all American hairstyles, this is a no nonsene basic cut, that looks good on most everybody. You'll have the appearance of respectability in no time !

Seniors 65 yrs + - $14


A Beard or moustache needs to fit the shape of your face and compliment your hairstyle, let our barbers therer magic and you'll be looking great in no time !

Beard Trim  - $7

Make your beard great again ! We will trim and shape your facial hair into greatness and help tame that caveman beard or moustache. 


Everyone deserves a discount after age 65 !

Fade w/Line Up - $18

A "Fade" Haircut is a smooth tapered cut. Just let your barber know how you like it.  Comes with complete straight razor line up.

Flat Top - $18

A "Flat Top" Haircut is a classic old fasioned stand by that is still worn to this day. You can have it skin tight or long on the sides, square or rounded corners, let your barber know your prefered style.

Line up (edge up)  - $7

A line up which is also commonly referred to as a edge up or shape up, is that fresh distinct outline you see going around the edges of many haircuts. 

Hair Designs (aka Hair Tattoo's) **

As a "Traditional Barbers" We have chosen to stray away from this trend to focus on the meat and potatoes of barbering (Regular Haircuts).  I can recommend other barbers and barbershops that will be thrilled to carve a fresh "Mona Lisa" on the back of your head. Just send us an email !

Razor Fade - $20

A " Razor Fade" Haircut is similiar to a regular fade only a straight razor is used to get that extra smooth tightness that many customers demand.